Jul 2, 2009

Miss U Now!!!

'This is dedicated to some of my special friends who feel the same when they read this.'

I miss U now when I find no one around me for a company.

I miss U when I have something to share and finding no one.

I can't explain how much I miss U because even I don't know how much I do.

Time brought us together, but the same time took U away from me.

I don't know whether the same time may bring U back to me some day.

I'm learing to adjust with what I get than wasting my life fighting for what I want.

Missing is a rare feeling one can experience only if they have someone close to their heart.

I find time to say I miss U because it reminds me I posses someone special.

Missing is always good, I miss U just because I didn't loose U.

I feel happy every time I miss U because I still miss U.

"In my busy life, I find time to tell U


Because I want to make sure that U will

Remember me atleast when I say that."

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