Jul 1, 2009

Loneliness - An Analysis

Loneliness is the feeling of being alone. In my opinion, Loneliness can be of two types. When no one is around, we call it as loneliness. I like to call it as Physical Loneliness. The next one is the concept called as 'Alone in the Crowd'. I like to call it as Mental Loneliness.

Physical loneliness is a bit painful sometimes. But there are situations when we may long for loneliness. We may even enjoy loneliness at some point of time. But its a bit hard to digest mental loneliness. To be in a group not considered by others may be even more painful than living a thousand years alone.

The best way to overcome loneliness is to find happiness in yourself and not in others. Let 'you' be the soul of your feelings. Don't allow anyone to be the reason for that. Let anything and everything around you contribute to your happiness, but never make them the source for the same. They may increase or decrease your happiness, but never allow them to create or destroy it in you.

The reason why I said so is that, it will help you to discover the 'Inner You'. You will start finding positive qualities in yourself and admire yourself for the great things you do even before others do so.

When you look even deeper, you will find that you are the only textbook which explains what you are. But it may not be your complete reference book or encyclopedia. It contains the information you know about yourself. It may be limited or even peripheral depending on the effort you took to understand yourself.

So in my opinion, you need to publish newer versions frequently that it can help you when situations come. To know more about you, you need to look into yourself and think deeply why you are you. It will give you answers for the questions you have never asked and even thought of. It will automatically update your textbook in a way that you can understand others in a better way.

I know, after reading this you would have come to a conclusion that I'm out of my mind. If you start thinking like this, the world will say the same thing about you also. But the real fact is that you are not out of mind, you are in the mind. Deep in the mind!!!

I don't know whether you will agree with me or not. I'm interested in knowing your opinion about what I wrote. You can express it as a comment below this or even mail me at chinturj@gmail.com

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