Feb 19, 2009

What's there in Myanmar???

I got a chance to visit Myanmar for a day. It was beyond imagination. Somehow it became a reality one fine day. We, a group of six, crossed the check gates of India to Step into a foreign country.

But for our suprise the place looked like a village in our country. The main features there was 'The Lake of No Return' which has historic importance and a 'buddhist temple'.

The Burmeese market was the main thing of the cross border journey. The Indian currency is dear to them than their money. The 'burmeese cigerrette' is well known in India. 'Burmeese sword' which is a famous drawing room decorator in Indian houses.

It shaped my concepts and ideas on different aspects of life. It was not what I expected. But it was informative and inspiring.

There is something which we can learn from everything we do or come across. We may find it silly or useless. But you may not understand the changes it make in your life or attitudes. So find time to enjoy whatever you do. That may be the invisible hands which makes a better you.

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