Feb 19, 2009

Method to Open Windows Explorer from Command Prompt

Method 1

Its easy to jump to a dirve or a location in cmd by giving the command C: , D: etc. But have you ever thought of opening a window like 'My Computer' with a command in CMD?

It is very simple. Try typing the command "explorer" without quotes. You will be shocked to see your 'My Documents' window displayed.

But duing my search to open other locations directly with the same command, I found something interesting.

Try typing "explorer," without quotes. You will find your 'My Computer' window poping. Try typing "explorer,.". You will get a different output. It changes with the changes you make with the symbols.

To open other locations you can type the location after the word explorer with a space or a coma. Eg: explorer c:\windows or explorer,c:\windows

This commands are working in 'Run' box also. But the commands with symbols may not work.

Rest is left to you. Keep trying different symbols and explore more.....

Method 2

The "start" also can be used for opening a window from CMD.
Syntax: start c:

This will do the same job of explorer.

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